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One of the most important ways for your business, restaurant or facility to be profitable is having reliable professionals perform regular pressure washing maintenance to keep the facilities looking clean and appealing to customers.

30A Power Wash specializes in commercial and industrial pressure cleaning, soft washing, hot water sanitizing and chemical mold and mildew removal.

Our Commercial Services include:

  • Pressure cleaning of buildings

  • Hotel pressure washing for keystone, marble, paver and concrete surfaces

  • Restaurant hot water pressure cleaning for service areas, entrances, front facades, kitchens and dumpster areas

  • Parking garages and stairwells

  • Pressure cleaning of warehouses; floors, walls, loading docks and garage doors

  • Restaurant maintenance service; weekly, bi-monthly and monthly

  • Strip malls and shopping centers

  • Graffiti removal on walls and other surfaces

  • Paint preparation

  • Awnings, canopies and umbrellas

  • Public seating and furniture

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